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Diving equipment for a small selection of diving activities including scuba diving, such as diving watches, sky diving, technical diving and also used and discounted scuba diving equipment.

Diving Equipment, Complete diving set (Click to enlarge)
Diving Equipment, Complete diving set (Click to enlarge)

Available from Dive Shopper

Scuba diving is a very popular sport, people from all over the world will travel to some of the most well known diving areas just to experience the diving there, these areas include the Caribbean and some of the Cayman Islands. In order to dive safely and correctly, divers should have the proper standard equipment.

Diving equipment includes:
Filled oxygen tank
Snorkel and mask
Diving watch
Diving BCDs
Belt and weights
Gauges and consoles
Knives, tools and any additional accessories

Diving Equipment, Parachute
Diving Equipment, Parachute

Skydiving information from Sanfrancisco Skydiving

Many people prefer more of an adrenaline rush when engaging in their favorite sports, this is why some people would prefer sky diving. Again, the correct equipment is needed to experience this sports safely. Sky diving is available in many different countries, many companies offer training and tandem jumps.

Sky Diving equipment includes:

Scuba Diving EquipmentScuba Diving - Scuba diving equipment is available to buy from many retailers and websites. There are many different brands of scuba diving equipment including Aqualung, Scubapro, Oceanic and more.

Diving WatchesWatches - Diving watches come with separate air, nitrox and free gauge modes, which able the diver to monitor his or her diving status. Many diving watches come in different styles, colors and depth capabilities.

Sky Diving EquipmentSky Diving - Sky diving equipment is available from many retailers including websites, many people enjoy sky diving because of its excitement value. With sky diving being a popular sport, many people want their own sky diving equipment.

Technical Diving EquipmentTechnical Diving - Technical diving is a form of scuba diving that exceeds the scope of recreational diving. Technical divers require advanced training, extensive experience and specialized technical diving equipment.

Scuba Diving Equipment AuctionScuba Diving Auction - Scuba diving equipment auctions can be found all over the internet or even at your local auctioneer, it is possible to get a bargain on new and used scuba diving gear at an auction.

Used Scuba Diving EquipmentUsed Scuba Equipment - Used scuba diving equipment can be purchased from many different places, these include scuba diving retailers and pre-owned diving merchants. Second hand scuba diving gear can also be bought from online auctions.

Discount Scuba Diving EquipmentDiscount Equipment - Discount scuba diving equipment is a good area to start looking if you are a beginner diver or if you are looking for a bargain on something you have had your eye on. Many divers take advantage of discount dive gear.

Scuba Diving Equipment UKScuba Equipment UK - The scuba diving equipment UK range offers divers a wide choice of ocean and lake scuba diving equipment, equipment includes environmentally equipped wetsuits, specialised dive computers and more.

Cave Diving EquipmentCave Diving - Cave diving equipment is used to explore into the naturally made caves in rocks and rocky areas in the ocean, alternatively cave diving can take place in some lakes. Special equipment is needed for cave diving.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

Deep Blue Dive Centre - A large selection of diving accessories and equipment, buy online, international shipping. www.deepbluedive.com

Sanfrancisco Skydiving - Skydiving information and related resources. www.sanfranciscoskydiving.com

Gravity Gear - Skydiving gear at the pro shop, buy online, international shipping. www.gravitygear.com

Simply Scuba - Scuba diving accessories and equipment, buy online, international shipping. www.simplyscuba.com

Sport Extreme - Buy diving accessories and diving equipment online, international shipping. www.sportextreme.com

There is a very wide range of sky diving and scuba diving equipment available to buy from your nearest diving retail shop, alternatively there are many different websites available to visit on the internet which stock and sell diving equipment.

Below are some examples of websites which sell diving and sky diving gear, as well as diving and sky diving accessories:

Simply Scuba are one of many scuba diving equipment retailers who allow customers to shop online, Simply Scuba stock and sell a wide range of essential scuba diving equipment along with various useful accessories.

Gravity Gear offer a wide selection of sky diving gear from a wide selection of manufacturers, they also sell various sky diving accessories such as helmet and eye cameras which allow the diver to film their descent.

Both of these sports require specific training which can be given at scuba and sky diving training schools, this training will include all the basics and also instructions on how to use both types of diving equipment.

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